Homeschool Days

Beginning January 2016, the Foothills Learning Center will be implementing small fees for our Homeschool Days programs. Registration and fee collection will be handled by Fort Boise Community Center. Pre-registration is required and fees must be paid in advance. 

Register by phone at 608-7680, or online at

Registration tips: Registration is easiest when you have the "activity #" for the class you are interested in. These are included in the Parks and Rec Activity Guide (page 39 for Homeschool Days).

You can also find classes online by using the search features provided and searching either using the keyword search (i.e. Homeschool Days, Foothills Learning Center) or by choosing "Foothills Learning Center" under the "Location" field to narrow your search to only display classes offered at FLC.  

Homeschool Days are regularly scheduled programs to serve homeschool families. They are offered by several Boise Environmental Education (BEE) partners including the Foothills Learning Center (FLC), the Boise WaterShed (BW) and Zoo Boise.

At FLC, we have taken our most popular lessons and provide quarterly opportunities for elementary students of all ages to participate in hands-on learning.

Click here for the complete Homeschool Days Flyer which includes all of the BEE winter and early spring offerings. Pre-registration is required for all homeschool programs, but please note that the registration process varies by site; see the flyer for details. 



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