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Friday Night Adult eARThworks - The Art of the Circle Field

Date: 8/17/2018 6:00 PM - 8/17/2018 9:00 PM

Location: Boise WaterShed, 11818 W. Joplin Road, Boise, Idaho 83714

August 17 - The Art of the Circle Field

Artist - Amy Nack

Scientist - Josie Erskine

We often take food for granted, but our farmers work hard to get it from soil and seed to our tables while also caring for our water resources. We'll learn new planting and irrigation methods that are remarkably different from the farm of our nursery books with neat rows and furrows. Along with the science of agriculture, we'll look at these new planting patterns from the standpoint of art, finding beautiful images that can be seen from the window of an airplane. We'll compare these aerial images with ancient ones by looking at geoglyphs from Peru - more startling forms seen only from the sky.

Inspired by artist Paul Klee and aerial images of planting patterns and Peruvian geoglyphs, we'll use a combination of tools, paints, and pastels to create our own personal patterns by debossing, painting, stenciling and waxing on cotton rag paper.

Pre-Registration is required, $15 per person. Light refreshments provided.

Register here:

Activity # 425006-03

For more information contact Aimee Hughes, 208-608-7300 or email