Aerial view of McCord Ranch in 1986 and Foothills Learning Center in 2016

View From Above Mc Cord RanchAerial Of FLC 2 (2)

1970s - Citizen concern over development in the Boise Foothills increases.

1989 - Judy Oudekirk and Anne Hausrath created the Wetlands Coalition and began generating publicity and funds for the Save Hull's Gulch movement.

1993 - United Water Corporations property is purchased with help from the BLM, Land and Water Conservation Trust, Hulls Gulch Trust, and City of Boise to create Hulls Gulch Nature Preserve.

1993 - The Ada County Ridge to Rivers Pathway Plan was adopted.

1993 - Judy Oudekirk recieves "Citizen of the Year" award.

1996 - The Bureau of Land Management, Boise National Forest, Idaho Fish and Game, Ada County, and City of Boise created Ridge to Rivers, a multi-agency partnership, that now jointly manages the Boise Foothills.

1996 - A 15,300 acre fire burns all of Hulls Gulch.

1997 - The McCord Family Ranch is sold to City of Boise as an addition to the Hulls Gulch Nature Preserve and forthe future location of a nature education center.

2001 - Boise's citizens voted to enact a serial levy to raise 10 million dollars for protection of open space.

2005 - Dedicated on Earth Day (April 22), Boise Parks and Recreation establishes the Foothills Learning Center as a place to educate the community about our Foothills and conservation efforts. 

2012 - Jim Hall, Director of Parks and Recreation, retires and Foothills Learning Center is re-named in his honor

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