Treasure Valley Beekeepers Club

bee2.jpgIn March of 2014, the Jim Hall Foothills Learning Center (JHFLC) began a new partnership with the Treasure Valley Beekeepers Club (TVBC) and became the host site for their Master Beekeepers Apprentice Program.  Apprentices participate in a year-long training and education program that leads to a Master Beekeepers certification. 

  • Benefits of the Partnership to JHFLC and the City:
    • Improvements to the FLC grounds, including:
      • Installation of gravel pad and 3 active training hives adjacent to FLC fenced garden area.
      • Repair and extension of garden fencing to enclose the new beeyard.
      • Creating of a new bee-friendly garden where our vegetable garden used to be. The club purchased and planted over $600 of bee-friendly pollinator plants as well as many more plants that were donated by both the Botanical Gardens, FarWest Landscape and Garden Center, and private gardeners. In the process of replanting this area, they also did significant weeding and site improvements to a long-neglected area. Total volunteer hours this Spring exceeded 120 hours!
  • The Club has adopted our indoor observation beehive and will help us with continued maintenance and upkeep of this great educational tool.
  • Club members will be an ongoing resource for education programs.
    • The Club will co-host an annual Second Saturday program to educate the public about the important role honey bees play in our ecosystem.
    • Club members will help us develop and possibly deliver new lessons about honeybees and pollination.
  • The City becomes an active partner in educating the public about the importance of honeybees in our ecosystem – an issue of regional and global importance.
  • Donation of $1000 in August 2014 from TVBC to the Learning Center to help sustain the new beeyard and garden, and for resources related to bee education. 

BPR_All_General - 8-15-2014 - FOOTHILLS LEARNING CENTER - PEOPLE - STAFF - EVENT  -  BEES_1.JPG“The  Treasure Valley Beekeeping Club has truly found a home in their partnership with the Foothills Learning Center. With a permanent location to sponsor our annual apprenticeship program on beekeeping, we can now offer additional educational opportunities for the public to become informed and hopefully inspired to learn more about these amazing pollinators.  We hope our involvement at JHFLC will offer a new unexplored venue for those who look to the Center as a leader in environmental education.   We so appreciate this partnership and realize our responsibility in presenting the highest quality view to the public of beekeeping and the value of the center to the community.”  -Carole Kanizar, TVBC Officer. 

To learn more about TVBC, check out their website at

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