Public Art

The artwork at the Jim Hall Foothills Learning Center is part of Boise City’s public art collection of over 100 works seen throughout Boise. Through donations, local artists have captured symbolic messages about Hulls Gulch. The Department of Parks and Recreation works in partnership with the Department of Arts and History to fund these projects.

The following works of art are featured at the Foothills Learning Center. Click any picture to learn more!

 Air Element – East Node

Aero Agoseris 4


Fire Element – South Node

Cats Face Revival 001.jpg

 Aero Agoseris
by Mark Baltes

 Cat’s Face Revival 
by Reham Aarti

Earth Element – North Node

Medicine Wheel 5

Water Element – West Node





As funding becomes available, this node will be developed.


Medicine Wheel  
by Marianne Konvalinka and Lynn Fraley 


Foothills Mural
FLC Lobby

Ward Hooper 4

Hoo, Hoo Lives in Hull’s Gulch
Book Art

 Art Wall.JPG

Foothills Mural
by Ward Hooper

Art by Timberline High School students for book:

Hoo, Hoo Lives in Hull’s Gulch

Metal Bird 


Fabricated by Charlie Wilkerson and decorated by kids at the 2009 Green Expo.




Brought to you by the City of Boise