Rent a Room

The mission of the JHFLC is to build a conservation ethic by connecting people, through science and experience, to Boise’s natural landscapes. Operated by the City of Boise Parks and Recreation Department, the Jim Hall Foothills Learning Center (JHFLC) focuses on education and engagement related to the Boise foothills ecosystem. It is a place for learning by direct, outdoor experience with the natural environment.

The facility and grounds consist of one classroom, one conference room, restrooms, a native garden, an outdoor picnic area, and access to Ridge to Rivers trails and trailhead amenities.

Use of the facility shall be prioritized for those activities or events which are consistent with the mission statement of JHFLC.

Examples of appropriate events:

  • backcountry first aid training 
  • corporate or organizational sustainability planning 
  • board retreats or staff meetings for local non-profits 
  • trainings or events associated with science-based or environmental education

Examples of inappropriate events:

  • fundraisers 
  • special events such as weddings, birthdays, or memorials 
  • church services

Two JHFLC rooms may be rented when not in use:

  • The Classroom (capacity 62) has ten 6-foot tables and 30 chairs that can be arranged in various patterns to suit class needs, or be stacked to allow open floor space. The classroom also has a large pull-down screen. The classroom has a large sink, refrigerator, and microwave. 
  • The Conference Room (capacity 40) has tables specifically designed and arranged for a conference/discussion-type setting. They can be arranged in several configurations. There is a smaller pull-down screen in this room.

A kitchen facility is not available. The classroom contains a refrigerator, multi-purpose sink, microwave, coffee maker, hot water kettle, mugs, and silverware. In an effort to reduce waste and support sustainability in Boise, recycling and composting are encouraged and appropriate bins are available. Click here for more information about green meeting guidelines. Restrooms and access to wireless internet are also available. Organizers are responsible for the setup and clean up associated with the meeting or event. Organizers will return all tables and chairs to their original configuration after use. Should facility use result in damage to the facility, materials, or supplies, the organizers will be required to replace the damaged item(s) or cover the cost of repair/ replacement.

The grounds of the JHFLC are open to public enjoyment and responsible use. If organizers or entities enjoying the grounds would like access to the JHFLC facilities, rental fees will be required.


  • A fee is charged to use the JHFLC facility during normal business hours (Monday through Friday 8am-5pm). The rental fee for the facility is $100/for a half day (0-4 hours) and $200 /for full day (5-8 hours). Should rentals be requested for times outside of normal business hours, a staffing fee of $15 per hour may be required. The rental fee is due five business days prior to the reservation date. Reservations that are cancelled less than two business days prior to the paid reservation, will be assessed a $25 cancellation fee. 
  • If commercial use of the facility is requested, the fee is $100 per hour, $350 for four hours, or $650 for all day.
  • A deposit of $50 is required for all room rentals.

Please keep in mind that the JHFLC is very busy during the school year and there are specific dates when our rooms will not be available due to regular programming. We recommend you plan a month ahead, though it’s possible we can book on shorter notice.

All fees collected shall be dedicated to the development and delivery of educational programs at the JHFLC and improvement of the facility and/or grounds. A staff member or qualified volunteer is required to be onsite during facility use.

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