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Contact to reserve these FREE resources of models and kits for a two-week period. 

The following classroom models & kits are available:

Enviroscape Tabletop Models - Stormwater / Wastewater & Drinking Water
Students set up the landscape, create pollution or waste and watch what happens when it “rains.”

Groundwater Model
Students learn about groundwater and sources of pollution.

School Water Audit Kit
Lesson plans and tools to conduct indoor and outdoor water audit.

Incredible Journey Dice Game
In this popular Project WET activity, students travel as water drops around the earth with the roll of a die.

Water Quality, Air Quality, and Fish & Food Chain Kits
These comprehensive kits include curriculum, books, activities, toys, and plush animals to explore the topics mentioned above.

Water Quality Testing Kits & Macroinvertebrate Pack
Students investigate water quality with LaMotte GREEN chemical testing kits and tools to collect and identify macro invertebrates in surface water.

Boise WaterShed also offers a selection of books that are available for check out.

List of Books Available

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