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The H2O Below

  • Grades 7 , 8
  • 60 Minutes
  • Your Place
  • Free

Get to know groundwater and its important role in our water supply. Students will work in teams to build a model aquifer to understand the types of substrate that water moves through. They’ll discover how water cycle cousins, groundwater and surface water, interact as students infiltrate water and “pollution” through an aquifer model. Students will learn how to protect our groundwater and prevent pollution.

For class sizes of 10 - 30 students. Ask about busing reimbursement

Idaho State Science Standards

ESS2-5-1 , ESS2-5-2 , ESS3-5-2 , ESS3-5-1 , ESS2-MS-2 , ESS2-MS-4 , ESS3-MS-1

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