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Do you want to connect climate change to your audience?

NASA’s Earth to Sky Idaho (ETS) wants to help! This multi-organizational partnership connects educators to relevant place-based climate change science, pedagogy, and each other. Our community consists of scientists who are enthusiastic about classroom partnerships and educators from museums, state and national parks, and public school teachers.  

While there is an abundance of information about climate change, it can be overwhelming to teach from a global lens. However, connecting students to local climate impacts is a manageable way to approach the subject. The climate impact we are exploring this year is one you and your students have likely experienced: water scarcity in Idaho. 

To bring climate change into a local change and into your classroom, ETS is offering an in-person (COVID-permitting) workshop from February 15th-17th at the Boise WaterShed.

Questions? Contact Jenny Wolf

K-12 Teachers


Informal Educators

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