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Welcome to Project WET for SW Idaho!

Boise WaterShed is a regional host of Project WET

Established in 1984, Project WET is water education for Pre-K-12 teachers and community members!  The mission of Project WET is to reach children, parents, educators and communities of the world with water education.  

Project WET offerings:

Attend a WORKSHOP: Formal and informal educators, pre-service teachers, and community members can participate in Project WET workshops and receive the Curriculum Guide 2.0.

View the STANDARDS: Each activity in Guide 2.0 is correlated with NGSS and Common Core State Standards.

Check out KITS: Borrow free education kits and models through the Boise WaterShed.

Connect to the PORTAL: Access additional activity resources and information using the special code inside your GUIDE.

Connect to DISCOVER WATER:  Use this free site with students to give them an interactive way to better understand our water resources.

Connect to NATIONAL PROJECT WET Visit the store, sign up for an online workshop, and see recent news.