Educational Lessons and Materials

Hyatt environment kids posterEducational tours of the Hyatt Hidden Lakes Reserve are offered from the spring-fall. Environmental educators will help kids explore the wetlands to learn about wetland ecosystems and what activities can impact this unique environment.

To help visitors get the most out of the Hyatt Hidden Lakes Reserve, we have created a field guide that shows the wide variety of bugs, fish, mammals, amphibians, birds, and plants that live there. In addition, visitors can have fun participating in a scavenger hunt. Can you solve the mystery of the "Hidden Secrets of the Reserve"?

Educational lessons and tours can be scheduled for groups large or small. Groups of 10 or more people must make a reservation. Reservations are available on first come - first served basis.  Contact the Boise WaterShed for more information.

Descriptions of Hyatt Hidden Lakes Reserve youth activities are on the Lessons and Tours page. 

The Reserve is located at the intersection of McMillan and Maple Grove Road (5301 N. Maple Grove).

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