Watershed Watch!



DATE: September 30, 2017

TIME: 10:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.

LOCATION: Sites along the Boise River from Barber Park to Parma

Individuals, families and groups can take part in the watershed-wide effort to collect water quality data along the shores of the Boise River, ponds, reservoirs and creeks. By gathering water quality data, you will help us get a "snapshot" of the health of the Boise River and contribute to long-term watershed monitoring data. No experience necessary, just a desire to have fun and learn about your impacts to water quality. Be one of the first 200 participants and receive a free WaterShed Watch hat!

  • How do I participate?

Participants must register to participate. We do our best to match your preferred area with a site and a water quality professional trainer to work with your group.

  • How do I conduct the monitoring?

A knowledgeable trainer will meet you at the site with supplies and provide testing instructions. The parameters you'll be testing for are temperature, pH, Dissolved Oxygen, and Turbidity. Grab samples of water will be analyzed in a laboratory for Total Suspended Solids, E. coli, and Total Phosphorus. Macroinvertebrates will be collected at the site and analyzed. A visual inspection of the water for potential impacts to water quality, such as aquatic invasive species, will be conducted.

Specific yearly data can be requested by contacting Boise Watershed. Interested in last year's results?
View 2016 Final Report


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