Exhibit Hall

The Boise WaterShed’s interactive exhibits will quench your thirst for fun! Explore your inner scientist with the technology-based exhibits that use humor to entertain, science to amaze, and visuals that make the exhibits personal. Scavenger hunts for families, elementary, and middle school children extend the exhibit hall experience. 

Through hands-on exhibits, you can
  • Discover where our drinking water comes from
  • Follow the journey of a rain drop through the water cycle
  • Travel back in time to learn about historic water use
  • Operate a wastewater treatment plant and avoid a sewage spill  
  • Keep your microorganisms in check and hear the singing Amoeba
  • Turn the SludgeMaster to send sludge to the digester
  • Explore a watershed and make a topographic map with the AR Sandbox

AR Sandbox Exhibit  Dad and Daughter at Wastewater Pipe

Brought to you by the City of Boise