River Campus


The River Campus was constructed in 2016 on the 2-acres surrounding the Boise WaterShed Education Center.  The Boise WaterShed invites you to explore the messages of water protection and conservation in this new walk-through-your-watershed experience for all ages! 

DamBuildersThrough the use of exhibits, landscape, Public Art, and a water feature, the park-like setting takes you on a journey through the Boise River watershed from the headwaters to Lucky Peak Reservoir and Dam, across Boise’s urban grid, through a sewer pipe to the simulated wastewater treatment facility. A flowing channel of shallow water - in which children can play - represents the Boise River.

Along the journey you’ll also experience a wetland, two agricultural exhibits, and the amazing Public Art integrated throughout.  Ultimately, you’ll walk away understanding how we must be responsible stewards of our water resources to ensure adequate, clean water now, and for future generations.

For children, a series of nature play spaces along the Interactive Trail teaches about the importance of a healthy ecosystem as they weave on outdoor looms, balance on tributary logs, create poetry with engraved river rocks, play a habitat game with giant Jenga blocks, and build shelters of sticks and logs. These experiences combined with the sewer pipe play area were designed with children ages 2 – 12 in mind.

Funding for this $3.1 million project came from

  • Boise WaterShed Exhibits, Inc. through community donations
  • Boise Public Works Department
  • Boise City Percent-for-Art Program

Designed by public artists, engineers, landscape architects, and educators, the River Campus makes the Boise WaterShed a regional destination!

Brought to you by the City of Boise